PN Leader says there is enough proof for Schembri and Tonna to be investigated

The PN Leader Simon Busuttil said that the decree by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja shows that there is enough proof for the PM’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and Brian Tonna to be criminally investigated by a Magistrate. He said that this development shows that when he says there is proof, he really has proof. He said that this also shows the the Prime Minister no longer has a leg to stand on.

Dr Busuttil added that he was appealing to the PM to step down now because with every day he reamins in his post, Malta’s name continues to be affected and the people were paying the price for this. He also appealed to the PM that if he was drowning, he should not bring the whole country down with him. He added that the PM’s place was not in politics.

The PN Leader said that the election was not enough because the problem is corruption, which he said is called ‘Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi’. He added that even PL MP Godfrey Farrugia has severed his ties with Joseph Muscat. He quoted from Dr Farrrugia’s statement where he said that he took his decision because it was not becoming for him to contest with a party which calls itself the Labour Party.  Dr Farrugia wrote that he was Labour but no longer felt that he belonged with the party.

Dr Busuttil said that despite the many proposals which were promised by Joseph Muscat, as the leader of a party he could not promise honesty and integrity because he has lost them. He added that Joseph Muscat was capable of deceiving people and promising everything to everyone. He said that the PL was building its whole campaign on fears that if the PN is elected, the country would do badly. However, he reminded everyone that the PN has a good reputation.  He said that it was the PN which had built the economic foundations of the country and Joseph Muscat had simply reaped the fruit. He said that the economy had always done well under the PN.

Dr Busuttil said that there was a blatant buying of votes, and said that when one analyses everything, it boils down to an issue of placing one’s trust into the person who is honest and has integrity and in whom voters have faith. He said the the choice was between Joseph Muscat and the future of Malta.

This political activity took place on the fourth anniversary from when Dr Busuttil was elected leader of the Nationalist Party.