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PN leader: the government has lost its moral compass

Leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia accused the Government of having lost its social conscience and of eroding the country’s moral fibre, to the point where Malta had become a country where someone felt comfortable enough to kill a journalist and where a drive-by shooting at night had killed an innocent man, father of three.

During a political activity in St Julians, Dr. Delia alleged that the Government had created a society which had rendered life meaningless, despite the fact that for the majority of Maltese and Gozitans, life was still precious and priceless.

He said that Malta had become a country where the government had hijacked the country’s principal institutions, where freedom of expression was no longer guaranteed, and where there were repercussions if one spoke his mind.

Dr. Delia said it was shocking that members of the army, had allegedly committed such a cowardly and despicable act. He also thanked the majority of soldiers who do not represent such flawed values. He went on to say that the case had to be thoroughly analyzed, particularly since one of the soldiers accused was a recidivist and had a criminal record. This despite the fact that soldiers needed to have a sound moral compass and be of good character.

Dr. Delia said that the pretext given by the army was that the conviction had been recorded only after the soldier had joined the army, but he queried the fact that steps had not been taken immediately and asked about the nature of the conviction. He said that the Nationalist Party had called for an independent investigation to confirm whether what had happened could have been avoided. He said there were questions that needed answers and that someone had to shoulder responsibility for what happened, because Malta could not go on losing innocent people without anyone assuming political responsibility.

He recalled how a few weeks ago he had discussed an Ombudsman report and the system of army promotions, where the conclusions of the report had indicated that the system was flawed and that appointments were not made fairly. He said that in Europe there were resignations for far less serious matters.

The Nationalist Party Leader accused the government of hijacking key institutions and urged the people not to allow the government to seize their vote as well.

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