PN leader: young people want to leave the island and live overseas

Opposition and PN Leader Bernard Grech has said that the young are heartbroken and are indicating that they want to go and live abroad because of what is happening in the country. At a political event in Naxxar, Dr Grech encouraged young people to be the change because Malta needs them.

Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech called on young people not to give up and work with the Nationalist Party to bring about the change the country needs.

At a political event in Naxxar Dr Grech said the EY poll showed that 60% of young people were not seeing any future in the country and were telling the Government that this is not the country they wanted. He said young people were feeling frustrated and no longer wanted nepotism as this discouraged them from improving their skills. He said the country was rewarding people not on the basis of what they know but who they know. He explained that this was a heartbreaking situation for the Nationalist Party but urged young people not to give up on their country because it was necessary for them to rebuild a Malta they loved. Dr Grech said that this can only happen with a Nationalist Party in Government because it had always opened its doors to young people, including the University and MCAST, to broaden their opportunities.

The Leader of the Nationalist Party said that dozens of companies had decided to leave Malta after the country was put on the FATF grey list so much so that only 37% of investors saw Malta as attractive. Dr Grech said that the situation needed to change and the country’s reputation would be restored under a Nationalist Government.

Regarding finances, he said that in the last budget the Government did not say where it had spent € 1.3 billion. He said that the Nationalist Party would continue to work to uncover the truth about where this money had been squandered.

Dr Grech urged that no one should make money his God because what was really important was human relationships, saying that the value of decent work and the value of thinking of others was being lost. Dr. Grech argued that these values ​​fell by the wayside when money was idolised. Dr Grech said the truth was very important but that it was becoming difficult for people to know the truth and that people were noticing the manipulation.

Dr Grech said Prime Minister Robert Abela was creating more uncertainty for businesses as the general election was still up in the air. He said that businesses needed an environment of certainty to be able to plan after the pandemic.