UPDATED: PN Parliamentary Group to vote in favor of nomination of George Vella for President; PL reaction

The PN Parliamentary Group has decided to vote unanimously in favour of the nomination of Dr George Vella for the post of President of the Republic.

This was confirmed on Wednesday night by PN leader Adrian Delia following a meeting of the Parliamentary Group.

Speaking in Mosta, Dr Delia said that the PN had a choice to either oppose or support this nomination, but the Parliamentary Group felt that the national interest comes first and therefore would vote in favour of Dr Vella’s nomination.

Reaction of Labour Party

The Labour Party has welcomed the position taken by the PN on the nomination of Dr George Vella.  In a statement, it said that the reaction from society over the last few hours has confirmed that the choice of Dr Vella was a well-deserved one, particularly because of his integrity and experience.

The PL also noted the political and partisan comments which Dr Delia made last night but said that it would not get involved in any partisan bickering.

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