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PN: early release and house arrest for prisoners who are near the end of their custodial sentence

The Nationalist Party has proposed that elderly prisoners and those with health conditions are to be isolated outside of the prison and that prisoners who have reached the end of the sentence are to be sent home under house arrest with electronic tagging.

During a Press Conference, Opposition Spokesman for National Security, Beppe Fenech Adami said that overpopulation at the Correctional Facilities was a serious concern because of cell-sharing.

It called on the government to provide protective clothing to police, that police stations be fumigated regularly and that campaigns ought to be in place to deter people from going to Police stations except in urgent cases. Alternatively reports can be made by phone or online.

Architect Toni Bezzina said that as far as public transport, the health and protection of drivers and passengers was paramount and that the fare was to be tendered by using the Linja Card and for all drivers had to be given protective clothing . The spokesman said that buses should be cleaned at least seven times a day and fumigated at night.

The spokesperson for Local Councils, Robert Cutajar said that Councils should be at the forefront of education and information campaigns while the concept of community policing had to spread to more locations and together with local wardens are to ensure the enforcement of quarantine and social distancing in public places.

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