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PN says Independence Day should be Malta’s national day

The Leader of the Opposition and Nationalist Party,  Adrian Delia said that Independence Day should be Malta’s national day because on 21 September 1964, the Maltese nation was born.

At a mass meeting held as part of the PN activities organized on the 54th anniversary since the achievement of independence, Dr Dalia said that everything began from independence, when the country began to develop and progress. The PN leader criticized the Government which he said was grabbing whatever a PN Government had given the country and that today we are in a situation where our fundamental rights are under threat. He said that the Government is not investing and is even placing our health care for sale while giving the hospitals to someone we do not know.  He explained that this has led him to go to Court to fight to take back the hospitals because they rightfully belong to the people.

Dr Delia said that over the last few years, not even one penny had been spent on infrastructural projects and that the capital investments which we are enjoying today are the fruit of the work done by PN Governments.  He added that the next step is for the country to have a society which cares, because the Government does not care.  Speaking about immigration he asked whether the PM wants to send back immigrants or open the doors to everyone.

He said that in these ‘best of times’ and surplus, there are people living in gardens, farms and others who are washing themselves at public toilets. According to Dr Delia, under a Labour Government it is no longer safe to walk the streets and he urged people to walk with the PN to make Malta a safe country once again.

The Nationalist leader said that the Labour Government does not care about the worker and the poor because it has lost its social conscience. He said that the Government is taking people for a ride and after deliberately working out utility bills wrongly, now it is sending them cheques. He said that when the PN is in Government it will give back what he said was being stolen by this Government.

Dr Delia said that the Government wants to make people believe that there are no problems by saying that the PN is divided and has is own problems. He said that the PM is trying to scare people that the PN is a divided party but he assured them that he was able to not only unite the party but even the country.

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