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PN says that families are being robbed in their electricity bills – Government reacts

The PN Deputy Leader, David Agius, said that families are still being robbed in their electricity bills because they are receiving higher, more frequent bills. He said that over the last few days the number of people going to the PN headquarters with very high utility bills has increased considerably. He said that one person had a bill of €15,000. A PN Government, he said, would be refunding the money which has been stolen by this Government through these higher water and electricity bills.

Mr Agius said that the Government hid the 2030 national energy and climate plan from the Opposition. He said that in this report, it was stated that in the next legislature utility bills would be higher because the present gas hedging agreement would expire in 2022.

The PN candidate for the MEP elections, Michael Briguglio, said that within the next few weeks the PN would present its environmental proposals, which will include light and noise pollution.

In its reaction, the Labour Party said that the Government’s policy on energy is in favour of stability to keep prices low and give a certain amount of peace of mind to families.

On its part, the Government said that utility bills are still being worked out using the same system which began being used in 2010. It added that the energy regulator has confirmed that bills are being issued according to the laws in Malta and the EU.

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