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PN says that second interconnector is the result of Nationalist Government’s policy

The Nationalist Party said that the Government’s decision to consider a second interconnector as a source of energy supply gives credit to the Nationalist Party.

Nationalist spokesperson Ryan Callus said that the party in February mentioned the introduction of the second interconnector as one of the needed immediate steps, primarily for the coming 10 years.

The Nationalist Party statement said that, despite all partisan politics interpretation by the current government, the interconnector is the result of the Nationalist Government’s policy and the installation of the second interconnector was in Enemalta’s plan before 2013.

PN stated that on the advice of experts, our country was strengthening the energy supply safety in the eventuality that the second interconnector is linked to a distinct and adequate source so that the risk is diversified and reduces the possibility of losing the two interconnectors simultaneously.

It added that with the second interconnector decision, the PN’s future energy strategy continues to be the alternative to ensure sustainable bills and clean air.