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PN to offers proposals for quality employment for everyone – Dr Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the Nationalist Party had come up with proposals for quality employment, which would bring into effect the EU’s work-life balance directive, gender equality, the right to life, the right to a clean environment and the fight against cancer.

Speaking at a political activity in Valletta, Dr. Delia said that it was useless for the Government to say that it needed more workers and then go on to import slavery. He said that by what Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had said – i.e. that it did not matter if Government employees skived off work to do part-time work, Dr Muscat was acknowledging that government workers were not making ends meet and was also enabling people to break the law.

Adrian Delia said that all employees were important to the Nationalist Party and that there was no first or second rate work. He said that the PN must also invest in youths stating that Malta had the second largest number of youths that did not go on to further their education.

Dr. Delia said that it was a shame that the Government had made use of a work-life balance billboard to take credit for a directive that Nationalist MEP David Casa had worked on in Brussels.

On gender equality, Adrian Delia said that the PN would offer guarantees for women to receive equal pay to men and that women wanted respect and dignity in lieu of slogans and lip-service.

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