PN welcomes caution adopted in reduction of measures; the PL reacts

The Nationalist Party’s Covid Action Team has welcomed the caution which it says is being adopted in the reduction of measures announced today.

The Nationalist party said in a statement that this comes about in the wake of irresponsible declarations by the Prime Minister some weeks ago, which had led to the country facing the same measures it had adopted last year when the Covid pandemic started.

The PN added that the Government is finally taking the advice of scientists and medical experts, and is following what the Nationalist Party had long been insisting on for many months.

The Nationalist Party’s Covid action Team reiterated its insistence on the urgent need for more rigid screening at ports and the airport because of variants in the virus and other new ones.

It added that for this reason, it is necessary for all measures to be taken, including having test certificates against Covid, in order to ensure that the sacrifices which the Maltese and Gozitans made and are making again will not be in vain.

The statement adds it is likewise important that the education sector continues to be given maximum attention to ensure cases do not continue to increase, and this in order to safeguard the health of students, teachers, parents and all who work in schools.

The PN further stated it would be prudent to hold genuine dialogue with all unions and stakeholders before decisions which concern them are taken. It noted with displeasure, however, that despite the fact that the Covid spread among sports practitioners is minimal, thousands of persons and sports organisations have been denied practising their sport in safety. It adds that this is prejudicial to the physical and mental health of all sportspersons, both professionals and otherwise, and it is likewise prejudicial to the livelihood of all employees in this important sector, particularly elite sports, as it is difficult for this sector to conclude the championships they have already started.

The Nationalist Party called on the people to respect all directives issued by the public health authorities so that restaurants, outlets and all businesses which in some way have again been hit by restrictions, will re-open and start enjoying the fruit of their efforts and investment.

In a reaction the Labour Party said the Nationalist Party’s reaction regarding changed measures announced this morning is consistence in its inconsistency because in the same statement said the Government must adhere to conditions inspired by scientific means and the Health Authorities while at the same time expressing doubt about recommendations of these same Authorities. The Labour Party said the people know that the only concrete advice given by the PN was that the country should have been in lockdown when the first cases were reported and in their reckoning this lockdown should have remained for many months. The PL said the Opposition continues to cling to its manifestations of political opportunism.