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Poetry and music join forces to bring the Citadel to life

Poetry and music are to join forces in a concert about the Gozo Citadel.

The ‘composite’ concert will take the audience on a voyage from the historic past to the present.

The St Cecilia Foundation will present this concert with a musical repertoire composed by the Foundation’s founder, Maestro Antoine Mercieca, who is also the concert’s musical director. The music has been composed as an adaptation to the lyrics of many well-known Gozitan authors, among them poet Gorg Pisani, Charles Bezzina, Dr Alfred Grech, Joe Psaila and Joe M. Attard.

At the launch of the concert Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana stated that the Citadel should be a mecca for Gozitan culture. Minister Caruana added that this concert should serve as a showcase for local culture, with the participation of many established local artists.The concert will be held at the Gozo Citadel on 9 September.


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