Police arraign three people in Court on money laundering charges

Last night the Police arraigned three people in Court on money laundering charges.

Gordon Debono, 46, and his wife Yvette Debono, 45, resident in Marsascala described themselves as unemployed and pleaded not guilty  to the charges against them. The Court ordered the freezing of the Debono couple’s assets and the 11 companies in which they are involved. Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo turned down their request for bail and the couple were held under arrest.

The Police also arraigned another person on similar money laundering charges, namely Shawn Higgins, 36, resident in Paola, who was involved in business with Gordon Debono.

Three years ago, Gordon Debono was arrested in Italy together with his business partner, Darren Debono, and Libyan militant Fahmi Ben Khalifa on suspicion that they had formed part of an international fuel smuggling operation with ties to the Italian mafia and Libyan armed groups.

Two days ago, two former football players were also charged with money laundering and fuel smuggling. They are being held under arrest after their request for bail was turned down. Over the last few hours, lawyer Dr Arthur Azzopardi was also interrogated by the Police on his alleged ties with the same smuggling ring and it was reported that he is out on Police bail.