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Officials imply Keith Schembri pressured them to employ Melvin Theuma

Following Melvin Theuma’s evidence in Court earlier this week, in the past hours, the Police have spoken with a number of officials in the course of their investigation into Tonna’s fictitious job.

Sources who spoke with Television Malta said the officials who were spoken to by the Police authorities regarding this job have implied that the Prime Minister’s former Chief of Staff, Keith Schembri, applied pressure for Theuma to be given a job.

The Police have opened an investigation about misappropriation after Theuma revealed in his evidence in Court that he had been employed with the Government in 2017, and used to be paid without ever turning up for work. It results that his employment was terminated after four months.

TVM is informed that Inspector Nikolas Vella, who is conducting this investigation, called in a number of persons, among them Tony Muscat, former Chief Executive of the Government’s Housing Embellishment and Maintenance company where Melvin had been employed, the company’s board chairman Anthony Ellul, and Government’s head of Customer Care Sandro Kraus.

Sources who spoke with Television Malta revealed that former Chief Executive Tony Muscat alleged the Prime Minister’s ex-Chief of Staff Keith Schembri had pressured him into providing employment for Theuma.

Anthony Ellul stated he could not recall details of the case, and Craus insisted with the investigators that he became involved when Keith Schembri called him to the latter’s office during Schembri’s meeting with Theuma.

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