Police break up Pembroke party with more than 100 persons

During the night hours, the Police broke up a party involving scores of persons that was being held on wasteland in the Pembroke area.

Residents who witnessed the ongoing activity told TVM that over 100 youths had been present, many of them foreigners.

At about 2.00 a.m. five Police vehicles descended on the scene, and witnesses said they saw Police officers getting out of their vehicles and chasing the youths, many of whom, however, managed to flee and hide in the dark.

The witnesses added that after the Police left, some of the youths were seen to return to the site of the party and continue with their merry-making.

The same witnesses told us these illegal parties have been going on for about a month, and are generally held on four consecutive nights between Thursday and Sunday in an area between the Pembroke Athleta club and the Reverse Osmosis plant.

They explained that the youths start turning up in small groups at about midnight, and continue finding their way onto the wasteland with torches, which are then eventually turned off.

Residents who spoke with this station expressed their anger at this behaviour and had words of praise for the Police action.