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Police deny that Ferris was threatened with arrest – his lawyer publishes arrest warrants

The Police Force denied that investigators threatened Jonathan Ferris with arrest.

In a statement, the Police stated that it is investigating a number of conclusions of the Egrant inquiry. This follows the conclusion by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja who closed the inquiry relating to the Egrant case and sent the report to the Attorney General, while ordering that a copy is sent to the Police Commissioner to investigate a number of conclusions in order to executive other orders which the Magistrate listed in the report.

The Police Force said that as part of the requested investigations, Jonathan Ferris was called at the Police headquarters to be interrogated on the case. It stated that the request was made through a telephone call and Ferris was given the day and time for the interrogation. He was requested to be accompanied by his lawyer of confidence, however he informed investigators that his lawyer was abroad.

The Police added that Mr Ferris was given all the opportunities to be accompanied by another lawyer or is given another appointment convenient to him. However, the Police Force said it was Ferris himself who suggested to investigators that “if this is urgent issue a warrant and I cannot tell you otherwise”.

The conversation through five phone calls, four of which were made by Ferris to the Police, are all recorded and at no time was Ferris threatened, the statement said.

The Police Force stressed that at no time the investigators threatened him with arrest, as was alleged.

Meanwhile, shortly after the Police statement was issued, one of Jonathan Ferris’ lawyers, Nationalist MP Jasan Azzopardi, wrote on social sites that the Police statement is malicious, not true and deceiving.

Dr Azzopardi published the arrest warrant issued 48 hours before Ferris went to the depot for interrogation and alleged that the Police should not issue false statements to hide their agenda.

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