Police have not yet spoken with Msida car bomb victim

30 hours after the car bomb explosion in Misda, the victim, Romeo Bone from Floriana is still recovering in intensive care at Mater Dei. The Police are continuing with their investigations, however at this stage they have not yet spoken with Romeo Bone because of the condition of his health.

Sources said that officials from the Department of Criminal Investigations have begun speaking with people who knew the victim, with the hope of closing more lines of investigation and establishing the motive behind the attack. As with similar cases, police sources said the the investigations are not easy because there are many loose ends which still need to be looked into.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet has discussed national security and the strengthening of Police resources.

Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela said that the Cabinet discussed how it can continue to strengthen both the human and material resources of the Police Force.

He said that the Cabinet also discussed an internal exercise which will take place over the next few days about the legislative framework and specifically about organized crime, and will see if there is a need for amendments to facilitate investigations in cases such as this.

Minister Abela said that the team investigating these car bomb cases has been strengthened with more resources from within the Force itself. He said, however, that these cases are very difficult to solve and therefore it is not enough for the penalties to be harshened.

While reiterating his faith in the Police Force, he said that it was useless to carry out an investigation and have serious suspicions if one does not have concrete proof.

He added that training was recently given to forensic police on how to collect evidence from the scene of the crime and he did not exclude further training for other police officers to improve their skills and techniques for these type of investigations.