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Police investigates allegations on Silvio Valletta and Yorgen Fenech

The Police said in a statement that it is investigating former Deputy Commissioner Silvio Valletta.

In a statement, the Police Force said it immediately opened an investigation when last Sunday it was informed about reports in the media that in September 2018 entrepreneur Yorgen Fenech traveled with Mr Valletta for a football match in England. Mr Valletta denied that when he traveled with Yorgen Fenech he was aware of his involvement in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case.

Other media reports stated that Mr Valletta watched another football game with Fenech – the final of the UEFA Champions League in May 2018 in Kiev. Till that time, Mr Valletta was still leading the investigation on Daphne Caruana Galizia murder. He refrained from involving himself further the month after following a constitutional court decision.

The statement said that the Police spoke to Mr Valletta at the Police Headquarters on the ongoing allegations. It was also pointed out that investigations with regards Mr Valletta and on every allegation made are ongoing.

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