Police investigating reports about a couple which is asking for money for towing

After a number of people were defrauded by a couple which was asking them for money to supposedly tow their car, the Police have confirmed with TVM that it has received other similar reports and the case is being investigated.

The man and woman were caught on video asking a man for money after they had already stopped him asking for money using the same excuse the week before.

In the video, the couple can be seen admitting that they were conning people, with the man saying that they had not yet earned any money that day and the woman saying that they had been carrying out this scam for a month.

Tens of people said that they had been approached by this same couple with a similar sob story, with some saying they had fallen for it and given them between €5 to €20 while others saying they had not believed the couple and had not given them anything.

Those who recognised the couple passed on information to TVM who then gave the details to the Police for further investigation. From information this newsroom has, the man is Maltese while the woman is probably Irish.

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