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Police officer assists boy with leukemia who was stranded in today’s storm while going for hospital treatment

A nice gesture by a police officer who assisted a boy to arrive in hospital and to undergo therapy treatment.

Puttino Cares said the boy, Luca Piccione, was about to go to hospital for Leukemia treatment, however he was stranded together with his mother in the storm and they couldn’t arrive in hospital. As the level of rainwater was high, they had to abandon their car far away from hospital. A police officer, who happened to be in the area, assisted them to arrive in hospital and so Luca took his treatment in time.

This case was one of the many interventions that the country’s law and order forces carried out today to assist the public during the storm. In fact, both the Police, members of the Civil Protection and the Armed Forces and local wardens worked tirelessly to assist many persons stranded in the rain.  These included five persons who were rescued after they were trapped in their car during flooding in Salini.

In Burmarrad, worders of the Enforcement Agency LESA rescued a man also stranded in heavy rainfall. 

While in Birkirkara Valley, a policeman together with other persons assisted Alisan Bezzina, the Commissioner for the Protection of Animals, who was also stranded in her car.

This morning during the news on TVMNews+, Civil Protection director Emanuel Psaila said that the quantity of rainfall which suddenly hit the islands this morning affected the whole country, particularly roads built in valleys such as those in Msida and Burmarrad. He stated that the department received a great number of calls from persons stranded in their cars and had to double the workers’ force to meet the demands.

A Meteorological Office spokesperson told that today’s storm can be considered as one of the worst that even hit Malta.