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Police officer charged with ex-footballer’s murder

A Police officer has been charged with the homicide of footballer Dalian Atkinson, in a case going back to 2016.

Atkinson, who had played for Aston Villa, and who was aged 48 at the time of his death, was killed after being tasered at his father’s home in Telford on 15 August.

Another Police officer, a member of the West Mercia Force, is also being charged with aggression and with causing injuries to the victim.

Both officers are to be arraigned before the Court of Magistrates in Birmingham.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided to arraign the accused following independent Police investigations.

It was stated that Atkinson’s family have been updated on developments in the case, and they said it is good that those involved will face justice, but expressed their disappointment at the lapse of over three years since Atkinson’s death.

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