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Police release Victor Calleja’s body

More than a month and a half after the cold-blooded murder of Victor Calleja known as “iċ-Chippy”, investigators have released his body so that he can be buried. His funeral will take place this Saturday.

Mr Calleja, 65, from Hamrun, was killed by a car bomb on the last Sunday in January in Marsa. The victim, who had a criminal record, died on the spot and was unrecognizable due to the extent of his injuries. The bomb exploded shortly after 8am on Sunday morning when Calleja was driving his car near the Central Post Office.

Sources close to the invesetigations said that the bomb was inside the car and appeared to have been set off electronically. The explosion was heard in various neighbouring areas including Luqa. Everything indicates that the bomb was placed inside the car before the victim began what was to be the last trip of his life. With the explosion, all the car windows were shattered and pieces of metal were flung several metres away.

To date, no one has been arrested in connection with this case, which was the first car bomb this year. This murder was followed by another car bomb explosion on 20 February in which Romeo Bone, 40, from Floriana, lost both his legs.