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“Polish investors showing an interest in Malta are increasing every year” – Polish Foreign Minister

The Foreign Ministers of Malta and Poland have agreed to continue to strengthen bilateral relations, mainly in the tourism and investment sectors. Following talks at the Foreign Ministry, Poland’s Minister Jasek Czaputowicz told TVM that the number of Polish investors showing an interest in investing in Malta is increasing every year.

Malta and Poland have agreed to sign a freedom from double taxation agreement with the aim of making it easier for potential investors to invest in both countries. During a visit to Malta by Poland’s Foreign Minister, the Minister met with his Maltese counterpart Carmelo Abela, with both sides agreeing on the way forward in various sectors, including tourism.

Immigration was also discussed during the talks, with both Ministers agreeing on the need for all European countries to work together and help Africa. Minister Czaputowicz declared that Poland emphasises that in immigration, the European Union cannot impose on member states against their wishes, but added that he is in agreement the EU as a whole continues to assist with humanitarian aid  in Africa, in order to reduce pressure on those who wish to leave this continent.

During a media conference, Minister Abela stated that Malta and Poland, both being members of the EU, enjoy excellent relations which are being further strengthened. Minister Abela stressed that both Governments are prepared to facilitate the path towards trade between them.

Minister Abela referred to the “signing of agreements which help and even improve trade, including the double taxation agreement which means that our companies will have a greater facility for working together, and we will also try as much as possible to get the trade sectors together for better knowledge of the respective countries leading to better planning for more trade between the two countries.”

Minister Abela further stated that Polish interest in Malta has continued to increase, even as a tourist destination, and this year alone some 100,000 Poles visited Malta. Minister Abela added that the Polish President is expected to visit Malta next year.

In a comment to TVM, the Polish Minister stated that Polish investors showing an interest in Malta are increasing every year.

Jasek Czaputowicz added that “there is agriculture for example, a kind of sector  in which we can develop trade and cooperation, biotechnology, IT; these are the sectors, and banking, finance. These are the sectors where we see some possibilities of synergy between our economies.”

The Polish Minister added that next year’s visit to Malta by the Polish President will help to open more opportunities for investment between both countries.


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