Pope Francis urges new Cardinals to stay close to God

Eleven Cardinals from 13 nominees, who were yesterday appointed by Pope Francis, including Monsignor Mario Grech, today reunited with the Pope in St. Peter’s Basilica to concelebrate a mass of thanksgiving to God for this call through which they will continue to serve the Catholic Church as collaborators of the Leader of the Church.

The new Cardinals who were appointed to the Consistory yesterday, wearing the purple vestry signifying suffering and suffering at the beginning of Advent, joined Pope Francis for the Eucharistic concelebration as thanksgiving to God for his call which if so required of them, would lead them to accept martyrdom to preach and spread the Word of God.

Cardinal Mario Grech who is the third Cardinal of the Maltese Diocese, the first Maltese elected cardinal and the first one from the Island of Gozo, was present in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican after the Pope appointed him Cardinal yesterday.

In his homily, the Pope in his homily urged the Cardinals to stay close to God and not be discouraged in the life of prayer, to show that they need God in their lives while feeling close to him. He told them that God does not impose Himself on man but He wants them to be there for His calling, inviting Him into their hearts.

Pope Francis said that the presence of God is felt when one feels that God is close because he remains vigilant all the time because one mistake in life can undo all the good that has been done. He said that self-interest and the fast pace of of life could lead to alienation but God kept calling for their attention. The Pope told them to be careful, to wake up and to be vigilant.

The Pope urged the Cardinals to live in anticipation of the Son of God especially at this time of Advent where the Church is preparing for the coming of Christ. He told them that even if everything seemed dark and they were living in a state of uncertainty, the day would come when they would reunite with God the Father. He said that the Cardinals must learn to live in the hope of heaven and no longer hold a desire for money or fame because everything would pass. He told them not to waste time complaining about wanting to advance in their career while reminding them that everything is temporary. He explained that this was not easy but was very difficult.

A small congregation of people were invited to this Mass due to the restrictions of the pandemic.