Pope refers to Capuchin friars’ experience at Corradino prison

In the course of yesterday’s homily, Pope Francis made reference to the experience of Fr Hayden at Corradino Correctional Facility, where the prison chapel had to be transformed into a dormitory for the wardens, who are having to sleep on the premises.

In a letter sent by Fr Hayden to Bishop Mario Grech, the Capuchin friar wrote that the altar in the chapel has been dismantled, but the Church altar, in reality, is still set up, as the marble and wooden altar has been replaced by the beds of those who are giving a service to the inmates.

Bishop Grech said he was so moved by this letter that he decided to forward it to the Pope, who in turn mentioned the episode four minutes into his homily, even if he did not make a direct reference to the exact location.

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