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Popular DJ has entertained Radju Malta listeners for almost 50 years

Popular radio DJ, Mario Laus, will celebrate his 74th birthday in the next few days. He has been entertaining Radju Malta listeners with popular music for almost 50 years.

Laus saw the beginning of Radju Malta transmissions in 1973, recalling that at that time radio broadcasters were very popular as it was the only means of public broadcasting for the Maltese and Gozitans.

Despite his age, Mario Laus has continued to present daily music programmes on PBS ‘s Radju Malta with his early afternoon programme entertaining listeners with 60s, 70s and 80s popular music.

He recounts his early recruitment as a DJ with Radju Malta.”I went to speak to the Broadcasting Authority chief executive Joe Grima and to Norman Hamilton and presented to them a proposal for a music programme of past popular songs”.

Mario recalled the playing of the early records on vinyl, 7 inch ones for singles and 12 inch for albums, and then the use of CD’s. Today, DJs use a computer hard drive which consists of no less than 70,000 songs that daily entertains radio listeners.

Mario also recalls the passing away of his brother Vince Laus 17 years ago who was a popular country music DJ. “I miss him a lot…..we frequently spoke about music…he was a genious on country music”.

And what is Mario’s dream today? “I wish that, if my health permits, I will continue to present a programme that keeps listeners happy……music was my first love and it will be my last”.