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Portugal: Baby born without a face – doctor is suspended

In Portugal, a doctor who was observing and monitoring the development of a baby in the womb, ended up suspended when the baby was born without a face.

It appears that that the baby was not forming as it should be in the womb and was born without eyes, a nose and part of the cranium missing.

The parents of baby Rodrigo were never informed that their son was developing severe physical disabilities and only learned about them when he was born.

Dr Artur Carvalho was suspended on allegations of negligence after the couple filed a law suit against him.

It appears that over the last ten years, several complaints have been filed against this doctor where babies were involved.

Rodrigo was born on 7 October and his parents were warned that their son will only live a few hours. However, with the treatment he is being given at the hospital, the child is still alive.

The parents said that in the fourth ultrasound, when the mother was six months pregnant, they had asked the doctor why only half the baby’s face could be seen.  The doctor assured them that this was normal because while still in the womb,  the baby’s face can never be seen completely.