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Pregnant woman finds dead mouse in soup

A pregnant woman found a dead mouse in her soup when she was dining with her family at a renowned Chinese restaurant in Shandong province. The case goes back to 6 September.

Photographs of the dead mouse, which was removed with chopsticks, quickly spread on the Weibo social site, and this had a bad effect on the restaurant, both because it was shut down and because the Xiabu Xiabu Chinese restaurant chain lost about 160 million euro in sales.

The restaurant offered the woman 600 euro in compensation, but her husband refused the offer, and insisted instead on a check-up for his wife before deciding what damages they will suffer as a result of the incident.

The woman had atready started on her soup when she found the dead mouse. Her husband is alleging that one of the staff at the restaurant suggested the woman should have an abortion if she was worried about the baby’s health, and offered her 2,500 euro for the abortion.

Many who viewed the photographs started feeling unwell, and changed their minds about the quality and level of hygiene of this popular restaurant, which used to be a firm favourite with many diners.

The restaurant issued a statement shortly after this episode, saying thay had never had any problems with hygiene although the mouse had ended up in the woman’s soup, but this comment was removed a short time later. Meanwhile, authorities in Weifang city said they are investigating the incident.

Hotpot soup is a common dish in China, and is also popular in other parts of Asia. It consists of a hot soup with pieces of vegetable and raw meat which is cooked in the same pot and served to the client.


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