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President George Vella appeals for caution in the way news is analysed

Speaking during a conference on media literacy, President George Vella appealed for more caution in the way the news is analysed.  Dr Vella said that credibility in journalism cannot be measured by how many likes an article has on social media.

During the conference organised by the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Journalism Education, Minister Evarist Bartolo said that the phenomenon of fake news has become a human,  political. and ethical challenge.

In an interview with TVM, Rosemarie Calleja, a lecturer in journalism at MCAST, expressed her satisfaction that media literacy will start being taught in schools.

“It is very good to start from a young age.   Ir is also good that we are teaching this in schools,  in the Communications course at University and in the journalism degree at MCAST. These are all good things as then the education itself will help to prepare you on how to use these media in a more responsible way.”

She added that this is not an easy challenge,  because technology is constantly changing, and at the same time society is not always ready to change its mentality at the same pace.

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