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President shocked that San Anton plants used to be watered using water from borehole

The restoration of the large reservoir at the San Anton Palace is complete, which means that now there will be enough water collected for the irrigation of the orange grove.

After more than 30 years of neglect during which it was not collecting water, the reservoir located inside the yard of the San Anton Palace, has now been cleaned and restored, enabling it collect up to 1.8 million litres of water, in order to water the orange trees in the gardens.

President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said she was shocked when she first went to the Palace and learned that the 400-year-old reservoir was not being used, and that the gardens were being irrigated using water from a borehole.

She added that for this reason she had approached the Coca-Cola Foundation to include this reservoir in the list of projects for the preservation of water.

The Chief Executive of General Soft Drinks, Maria Micallef said, “the reservoir had not been cleaned since the 1980s, so it needed to be emptied, cleaned and structural works had to be carried out in order for it to become strong enough to collect that amount of water.”

This was among the 17 projects which the Foundation has carried out in the last seven years in Malta, at an expense of €850,000.