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President Vella meets Maltese embassy staff in Germany

There are some 800 Maltese nationals who are registered with a residence in Germany, with Malta’s ambassador in Germany, Vanni Xuereb, telling TVM that the number may be far greater.

President George Vella met during his official visit to Berlin the Maltese embassy’s employees. He said that the embassy is a crucial means of communication, esperially for Maltese residents in Germany.

Ambassador Xuereb told TVM: “In reality, there are more Maltese here because a number of students came here to further their studies at universities, and others decided to settle down in Germany….maybe they are not still employed. Certainly, the community here is over 800 Maltese and I think it is getting bigger in Berlin”.

President George Vella met with the Maltese embassy staff and spoke on the work carried out to promote Malta in Germany. “Berlin attraction is greatly increasing, both as a tourist city and even as a place where Maltese come to live in”.

Berlin is one of the sixteen city states in Germany, with many iconic places mostly due to its past history, which is also reflected in the Humboldt Forum majestic building. Berlin was almost totally destroyed during the World War II and divided in two parts in 1961.  At its heart there is Checkpoint Charlie, a symbol of the Cold War. Malta’s President also visited the Allied Museum, a permanent exhibition of the military and political history, and the role that the Allies played in Germany particularly following the last war till 1994.