PressEnter: igaming company to establish its headquarters in the heart of Sliema with 150 employees

The igaming Company PressEnter, has chosen Malta to open its headquarters in the heart of Sliema.

At a news conference in front of its new six-storey headquarters, the Group’s CEO, Lahcene Merzoug, said the company would be employing 150 new workers after more than doubling its workforce in recent years.

He said that the company had been in Malta since 2018 and chose to open its headquarters in Malta after studying different European jurisdictions.

He said that the group chose Malta for many reasons, among them the great talent in our country that in his words was unbeatable the great support the the industry enjoys and for the close relationship that it still has with -MGA, which is the regulator of this industry.

“Malta has a strong presence of igaming, since a long time ago, and now when we started to look around at different jurisdictions and benching them against each other, it is a talent pool in Malta on this island for our sector that is unbeatable today. So if we wanted to recruit people, Malta was the best for us. That coupled with a great support system for the industry also having close relationship with the regulator that regulates our industry, the MGA.”

The Minister for the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri, said that despite the pandemic and the Government’s efforts to have Malta removed from the FATF Grey List, the Government has continued to work to attract new investment.

The Minister said that the fact that PressEnter Group had chosen our country from other jurisdictions for their headquarters and would be employing 150 new workers clearly showed that Malta was still attractive for business and would remain so.

In fact 25% of the employees are Maltese and this encourages the Government to strive for greater investment in education to assure that Malta will continue to promote a growth in local talent in this sector.

Minister Schembri also said the Government is working to attract more venture capital funds for specific investment in the development of video games.