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Primary school children learn about Maltese hunting dogs and falcons during FKNK visit

Officials and members of the FKNK visited the Attard Primary School and addressed the children who are currently attending ‘Skola Sajf’ summer school.

The members were accompanied by a Maltese hunting dog and a Pharaoh Hound, and the children were given information about the origin of the two species, their main use and the features pertaining to these dogs.

Also present were members of the Malta Falconers Club (MFC), who made a presentation on the falcon, also known as ‘The Maltese Falcon’: the falcon’s historical link with Malta, and the old technique of falconry which is one of the oldest traditional hunting practices in existence. The MFC is one of several organizations affiliated with the FKNK.

In a statement FKNK said that earlier this year, FKNK officials had meetings with the Director and with another official from the Ministry of Education.

It added that more visits were planned by FKNK to various schools during the next scholastic year, during which FKNK would able to explain the role and contribution of hunters and trappers for the conservation of the natural environmental, including the flora and fauna in the countryside.

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