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Government still safeguarding people’s health – no compromise between the economy and health

Prime Minister Robert Abela and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne have addressed a media update on the meeting and results achieved with MCESD.

In the update, the Prime Minister stated it is a fact that cases have increased, adding that the number of tests being carried out has also increased, and emphasising that there has not been an increase in the number of serious cases, with the rate for the latter remaining statistically low.

The Prime Minister referred to the need to keep the rate of infections stable so that frontliners can cope whilst testing will continue, with the addition of another two testing hubs. Dr Abela added that all this will continue in order to continue to have a clear picture of the situation and to continue to safeguard the people’s health.

Dr Abela further stated that the country cannot remain cut off from the world, adding that the pandemic is not a situation which will end quickly, and for this reason, we have to learn to live with the virus among us whilst the Government implements the necessary measures for safeguarding the public’s health and the country’s economy. Life has to go on by living with social distancing precautions, the mandatory wearing of masks in certain places, and hygiene.

The Prime Minister again recalled that the biggest budget packet ever negotiated some weeks ago was done to boost the country’s economy, including the medical sector.

Referring to reservations expressed by the medical association regarding four mass events, Dr Abela said these would have left 25 million euro in the country’s coffers, which would have been used for the health sector, but in this case, public health and safety took precedence.

Dr Abela added that the message remained one of courage and hope, and there is no need for alarm, as we already have the experience of a number of months in handling this situation.

The present reality and factuality are a rate of infection with symptoms which are not grave.

Work and tourism and investment have to carry on…a balance has to be maintained a quality of life for the people.

Fearne – We have studied the evidence and have worked on this basis, and the three tracks we have to follow in order to control the spread, which remain important, are:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Isolation of infected persons
  3. Continuing to take care of vulnerable persons.

In July  we experienced situations where these tracks were not followed, where social distancing was not maintained.

No events should be held for more than 100 persons, we have placed a capping on the maximum number, there cannot be more than 100 persons indoors and 300 persons outdoors.









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