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Prime Minister inaugurates new Centrecom offices

The Centrecom company, a joint venture between private enterprise and Air Malta, has invested 2.5 million euro in new offices at Mosta Technopark, with the intention of employing up to 500 staff within two years. The company offers customer care service to Air Malta and to other companies, including foreign ones. During the inauguration of the new Centrecom centre, the Prime Minister stated that the challenge which the new company has to tackle is the shortage of workers, even for companies like this one.

Centrecom inaugurated its new offices in Mosta after 30 years of service, and has a staff of 284 to provide customer care to several companies, including Air Malta which has a 50% shareholding in the company.

Managing Director Leslie Cassar stated that company is continuing to expand, and has invested 2.5 million euro in these offices. Mr Cassar added that this centre takes into account the company’s intention to increase its staff to 500 by 2020. Mr Cassar pointed out that the new offices have space for over 1,200 staff working on a shift basis.

Robert Spiteri explained that “there is a demand for this specialised service, with staff trained to keep themselves updated on a product, emails, telephones, live chat and social media.”

The Prime Minister stated that this company is providing opportunities for women to get back into the labour market after having started a family, as among others it offers flexible hours. Dr Muscat had words of praise for the company which continuously invests in staff training. The Prime Minister remarked that the challenge it will be facing in continuing to expand is to find more staff, adding that even this difficulty has to be surmounted for the country to continue moving forward.


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