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Prime Minister inaugurates Paola square project

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Friday evening officially inaugurated Pjazza Antoine De Paul in Paola which has been completely embellished with a £3 million project.

Dr Muscat described the transformation of the public space at the heart of Paola as a historic day which will change the way residents in the Southern part of Malta socialize and recreate themselves in open areas and spaces. He said that the project was planned due to a creative vision which led to a visible cultural and concrete centre, thanks to more than five thousand hours of work carried out by Government workers and persistent planning.

“We provided again a new space for the residents of Paola, to the people in the south it is an investment and this is only the first part; the second part will be an access to the area known as the Gaddafi Gardens, Ġnien il-Mediterran – it will be a marvelous project”, the Prime Minister added.

Architect Christopher Mintoff, who was in charge of the project, said that the pedestrian space had doubled and increased by 240 per cent, while a crucial difference will be the way traffic flow in the area as streets allocated to traffic were minimized by over 50 per cent. He stated that at the same time, parking lots increased in the surrounding area, fifty trees and 300 bushes were planted, and a corridor was built which will serve as a passage between the square and Ġnien il-Mediterran. All these factors will lead not only to the transformation of the area’s aesthetic element but will provide the oxygen back to residents and visitors to the area.

“Activities which may take more space without hindering traffic, and the air quality has already changed; before we had vehicles and emissions within the space. I remember when we organized an exhibition seven years ago, we could not resist more than three days”, Architect Mintoff said.

During the ceremony, a fountain-monument entitled ‘Ulied Paola’ was inaugurated, dedicated to Paola residents and those who have a connection with the locality.

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