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Prime Minister promises to visit Maltese in New York next year – indicating that he is here to stay

Taking a break from his political and diplomatic commitments, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, and his wife Michelle Muscat together with his official delegation, visited the Maltese Center in Astoria, New York, where Dr Muscat spoke, inter alia , about plans for Air Malta to start operating flights to New York. He even promised those present, who welcomed him at the Center, that he would meet them again next year – an indication that he would continue leading the Party and the Country.

Dr Muscat said that by that time, a decision would have been taken – or would be close to being taken – about Air Malta flights to New York, news that was welcomed with applause by the Maltese in New York.

Dr Muscat explained that since tourism had increased from America, Air Malta was studying the possibility of starting to operate flights to New York, but stressed that the national airline would only do this if it was viable, because it did not want to bite more than it can chew.

The Maltese community in New York, which meet at the Center weekly, welcomed Dr Muscat and his Maltese delegation with a traditional party. Most of the Maltese emigrated to New York (mainly from Gozo) between 30 and 40 years ago. According to an official Maltese diplomatic mission, just in the New York area, the Maltese – second and third generation – account for some 40,000.

The Center’s committee is active and is currently preparing an annual walk for Pink October, an initiative that was commended by Ms Muscat, who described her work within the Marigold Foundation, with the initiative of Pink October.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s program in New York Muscat will resume later this evening when he makes his speech to the United Nations General Assembly. Earlier on, he will also meet with US investors.