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Prime Minister requests that Egrant case inquiry is published

Publication of the inquiry into the Egrant company is awaited, after the Office of the Attorney General announced that Magistrate Aaron Bugeja had concluded the inquiry and handed it to the AG’s Office, and it now being analysed. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated that he would be commenting about the inquiry’s conclusions once it is published. Both the Prime Minister and the Nationalist Party have requested that it be published. The inquiry had been called for by the Prime Minister himself after allegations made by Daphne Caruana Galizia last year, and repeated by the Nationalist Party, in which she had implied that the Prime Minister and Mrs Muscat were the owners of the Egrant company registered in Panama.

The Office of the Attorney General announced the conclusion of the Egrant inquiry started in April last year, following the allegations in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog about a secret company named Egrant held in Panama by the Prime Minister’s wife.

The same allegations had been repeated by the then Nationalist leader Simon Busuttil. The Prime Minister had denied these allegations, and had asked for a Magisterial Inquiry during which evidence was given, among others, by the Prime Minister, his wife Michelle, Daphne Caruana Galizia and even Maria Efimova, the Russian who allegedly stated she had seen Egrant documents at Pilatus Bank.

Because of this allegation, the Prime Minister had called an early election, and had declared that if the inquiry found even a shred of truth, he would resign immediately.

The Office of the Attorney General stated that a profound analysis of the inquiry was being carried out, adding that the conclusive report was voluminous.

In a reaction, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated in a tweet that after the analysis of the inquiry report is concluded, it should be published, and he would then give his comments. It was explained in a Government statement that according to the laws of Malta, it is the Attorney General who regulates whether or not an inquiry should be published, but the Prime Minister has called for the inquiry to be published.

In a tweet, former Nationalist leader Simon Busuttil, who had repeated the allegations about Egrant and who had also given evidence before Magistrate Bugeja, said it was important that the inquiry by published in full without delay.

Whilst noting that the inquiry had been passed to the Attorney General to be analysed according to law, the Nationalist Party stated tht it expected its result to be published in full, in the spirit of full transparency, and would give its reactions about it once the inquiry is published.

The Labour Party stated that the Prime Minister had been consistent from the very beginning about this inquiry, even about its publication. The Labour Party added that just as the Prime Minister had stated he would resign if even a shred of evidence were found on the allegation about his family, it expected that the person who repeated the allegation would do the same.