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Prime Minister says he has voluntarily relinquished and curtailed many executive powers which other Maltese prime ministers enjoyed

Prime Minister and Labor Party Leader Joseph Muscat said that he was the prime minister to have relinquished the most power during his tenure. Dr Muscat said that previous prime ministers had far more powers than he. Dr Muscat referred inter alia to the change in the system of judicial appointments.

During a political activity in Msida, Dr Muscat explained that under the Nationalist government judges were directly appointed by the Prime Minister. He said that now judges had to undergo the scrutiny of a board composed of people among the highest echelons of the country.

The Prime Minister said it was ironic that Nationalist MPs Simon Busuttil and Jason Azzopardi had voted in favor of this system but had then gone to court to complain about it. He added that the Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia had to decide on a way forward, because post publication of the Egrant inquiry he initially wanted to dismiss Dr Busuttil and then had gone on to endorse Busuttil to save his skin.

Dr Muscat referred to the infrastructural project to be carried out in Msida and said that this would reduce pollution for Msida residents. He said that the Government would be undertaking two other projects in Msida including the building of new schools and the landscaping of the Msida shoreline all the way to Ta ‘Xbiex.

The Prime Minister reiterated his appeal for people to vote for all Labour Party candidates.


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