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Prime Minister says his priority is national unity

Prime Minister and Labour Leader Joseph Muscat said that investigators are following different scenarios, some of them have been mentioned while others not in the investigation on Daphne Caruana Galizia murder. He stated that the police is working closely with Interpol on suspected international connections. The Prime Minister said that while he understands the eagerness for information on the investigation, its main aim is to apprehend who was responsible and, at this stage, not to give information which might hinder the investigation.

Prime Minister Muscat described Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder as extraordinary and therefore unprecedented measures are being taken in the investigation on the case, including that the Government offered a one million euro award for information that leads to the apprehension of who was responsible, and also by inviting foreign experts with their technologies to assist in the investigation.

Interviewed on One Radio, Dr Muscat said that it is important for the civil society to give messages with a demonstration. However, he stated, he understood the message that his presence in the demonstration is not desirable, and therefore he will not attend although the Labour Party is supporting the demonstration as another sign in favour of national unity. The Prime Minister stressed that national unity is a priority for him, saying this does not mean that he or the Government is not criticized, but reiterated that at this moment men and women are singled out from children by the way they behave.

The Prime Minister said that following the period of national mourning, he is convinced that Malta will continue to move forward with great strength in order to have a beautiful and good future.

Dr Muscat expressed appreciation for the speech made by the European Parliament President, Antonio Tajani, who called for an international investigation due to the possibility of international connections in this murder, while expressing confidence in the country’s institutions. Dr Muscat criticized Simon Busuttil’s speech in Parliament, who he said showed not only negativity, but who is only concerned with retaliating against him.

The Labour Leader added that Opposition Leader Adrian Delia, who withdrew libel cases instituted against Daphne Caruana Galizia on allegations of money laundering, has no other option but to request an inquiry if he wants to clear his name. Dr Muscat said that if Dr Delia continues to refuse, someone else might request the inquiry.

He also referred to the case of the Nationalist Party deputy leadership candidate, Toni Bezzina who lost an appeal in a libel case. Dr Muscat stated that Simon Busuttil had promised to take action against Architect Bezzina after the libel case sentence. He called on Dr Delia to take action against Bezzina or to take Dr Busuttil’s advice in doing so.


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