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Prime Minister to recommend a pardon on condition that there is sufficient evidence that could lead to an indictment of mastermind

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that he signed a letter committing himself to recommend a presidential pardon once the suspect involved in the conspiracy of the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, reveals everything he knows and furnishes all evidence he allegedly possesses.

Speaking at Castille, the Prime Minister said that the police had organised a coordinated operation with Europol, where some people were arrested, one of whom is suspected to be involved in the murder of Caruana Galizia.

He said that the police operation is related to money laundering, and that the person had shown a willingness to collaborate and had indicated the possible possession of other corroborating evidence.

The Prime Minister went on to add that this individual’s legal counsel had requested a presidential pardon in exchange for these damning revelations.

He said that after discussing the matter with investigators and the Attorney General, it was decided that a pardon could not be given on all crimes committed person, before establishing and determining the exact information and evidence that such person was seeking to reveal.

The Prime Minister described this as an “unprecedented” step which had been taken on the advice of the Attorney General.

The Prime Minister said that he was not keen on the idea of ​​a presidential pardon, as in the past “they never worked in our country.” He recalled past cases where such people were not believed in court. In fact he went on to say that he would only be recommending the pardon on condition that the information led to mastermind being processed in Court, and only if there is sufficient evidence against him.

The Prime Minister said that the person was currently under absolute protection.

Dr Muscat said that the Police still had a number of days at their disposal to continue interrogating this individual and appealed to the media for caution in their reporting, so as not to impede or interfere with the case.

Watch part of the Prime Minister’s statement with English subtitles here:

Watch the Prime Minister’s full statement in Maltese here:

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