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Prime Minister urges honorary consuls to continue to strengthen Malta’s profile, President appeals to them to be messengers of peace

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has urged Maltese honorary consuls to continue pulling the same rope in a year full of challenges, and to raise Malta’s profile as an example of prosperity and economic hope. During the exchange of greetings for the New Year, President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca urged the consuls to act as messengers of respect and peace.

During the annual meeting with the corps of honorary Maltese consuls, Dr Joseph Muscat stated that the success and strengthening of Malta’s profile is happening as a result of the actions of a number of persons, including the consuls, who he looks upon as an important link. Dr Muscat urged them to continue pulling the same rope, enabling Malta to remain an example of prosperity with the lowest rate of unemployment in the euro zone, and with a record 200,000 gainfully employed.

The Prime Minister added the country’s success is the result of several factors, including close collaboration with international partners. Dr Muscat reminded the consuls that this year will be one full of what he described as ‘beautiful’ challenges, including in reference to Valletta as the European Capital of Culture.  Dr Muscat said this will be an opportunity for the Maltese to open their doors to more visitors, and for Malta to promote the values of progress, solidarity and social change.

The Prime Minister thanked the consuls for carrying out duties without expecting or receiving thanks.

In a separate meeting with the consular corps at the Palace, Palace Marie Louise Coleiro Preca urged the consuls to promote messages of respect, peace and justice in the performance of their duties.

The President added that a democratic nation is strong when the people feel a sense of connection with the country’s authorities, and can participate actively in the development of their country’s future. The President reiterated that a nation is strong when the people feel empowered.

During both meetings the Dean of the Honorary Consular Corps, Godwin Bencini, who is Consul for Slovakia, praised the President’s humanitarian efforts to generate reciprocal respect between peoples, and also Government’s commitment to strengthen economic and diplomatic ties with several countries among those represented by the Maltese consuls.




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