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Prime Minister to meet with European Commission President in the coming days

The Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that in the coming days he will be meeting with the President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen to discuss the Maltese European Commissioner nomination.

“In the coming days I will be talking to Ms Von der Leyen about this with a view to understanding what she has in mind regarding the nominations. I will also tell her my views both in terms of portfolios and of people who are being considered and in the coming days I come to a decision which I will be announcing publicly.”

The Prime Minister spoke to Television Malta at the end of an hour long meeting with Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel during a state visit.

At the top of the agenda was the immigration issue. Prime Minister Muscat praised Bettei’s government for always being ready to assist. Luxembourg was one of eight countries in the European Union that took part in ad hoc agreements which Malta reached with the European Commission for the relocation of migrants rescued from Malta.

“ He is one of the Prime Ministers who offers to take migrants. They do not take in hundreds because theirs is a small country like ours but they have taken a dozen or so and in my opinion that shows a certain mutual good faith and willingness between the two countries.”

Malta and Luxembourg established diplomatic relations between them fifty years ago, and today as European Union member states they continue working together. Among the areas where they work shoulder to shoulder, despite being in competition, is in the financial services sector. The Prime Minister Muscat said that Malta and Luxembourg have to make other countries in the European block understood the importance this area has to the European Union economy as a whole. Later, the prime minister also met with the Maltese working community, particularly those working within the European Commission institutions.

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