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Prime Minister says Government has started working in favour of good governance

One week after his appointment as leader of the Labour Party, Prime Minister Robert Abela spoke about the work which has been started in favour of good governance and referred to the committee set up in Cabinet, which will be identifying and putting forward proposals which strengthen good governance. Dr Abela stated that this group will be working in synergy with the constitutional convention.

During a political activity at Cospicua waterfront, Dr Abela stated that the new Commissioner of Police will be appointed through methods which are good in today’s reality. Dr Abela added that it will be the Government which will be making decisions, and he would not let others dictate what needs to be done, as it is the Government which has the people’s confidence. Dr Abela further stated that he would extend the hand of friendship to those who did not want to cooperate, but decisions will be taken. The Prime Minister reiterated that the decisions being taken will be defining the Government as serious, disciplined and focused.

On the choices for Cabinet, the Prime Minister stated that it was a great hurt that he could not appoint the full Parliamentary group in Cabinet as it would have been unsustainable, but he committed himself to use the talent within the full parliamentary group. Prime Minister Abela stated that the Government would remain consistently close to the people throughout the legislature, and this through himself going into the streets and visiting workplaces to listen to the people and act accordingly.

Dr Abela said Cospicua was a clear example of the progress carried out in recent years, but added future work should not only be limited to the regeneration of roads and bastions, as social regeneration was also called for. Dr Abela spoke about the balance between development and the environment, stating that neither one nor the other should end up as the sacrificial lamb. The Prime Minister said he would be giving more importance to sustainable development which looks towards what will be left for future generations.

Dr Abela thanked his fellow contestant, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, who he said had joined forces with him to pull the same rope. De Abela mentioned the setting of a commission which supervises the behaviour of members and the values of the party, adding that he wished the party principles to always continue to be followed, and for the party to be open to everyone.

Dr Abela stated that this was a time when the Labour Party has to safeguard its roots, include socialist values, social justice, integrity and honesty. The Prime Minister stated that economic improvement is the key to implementing decisions which lead to more money in people’s pockets.


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