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Prince Philip was born in Corfu – at a palace with Maltese stone and sculpture

He was born at a Corfu palace in Greece in June 1921. The palace was build by Maltese stone imported from Malta, while the sculpture on the palace is the work of Maltese sculptures, Vincenzo and Ferdinando Dimech.

At the aged 26, Philip Mountbatten, born as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, was a British navy lieutenant.

He met Elizabeth in 1934 and eleven years later, in July 1947, Prince Philip  and Princess Elizabeth officially announced their engagement and they were married in November of the same year.

In July 1948, Philip was appointed non-elected member of the House of Lords, a post he ended 51 years later after the hereditary membership in Parliament was completely removed. During those years, he never addressed the House of Lords.

In November of 1948, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip had their first child, Prince Charles.

A year and a half later, Prince Philip was promoted to lieutenant commander and came to Malta on board the HMS Magpie, and was again promoted to commmander in June 1952, even if effectively he wasn’t active in the service since July 1951.

Princess Elizabeth became Queen in February 1952 following the death of her father George. Her incoronation was held a year later in June 1953.

Shortly afterwards, the Queen and Prince Philip made their first voyage to Commonwealth countries.

Prince Philip remained active and till 1971 he practised polo regularly and also involved himself in horse-carriage racing.

After Charles’ birth, the Queen and Prince Philip had three other children, Anne, Andrew and Edward. In July 1981, Prince Charles married Diana Spencer.

Prince Philip and Diana had a strong relationship between them as both could understand the difficulties of being a foreigner and become part of the most popular family in the world. It is believed that when Diana experienced difficulties to live with the Royal life restrictions, it was Prince Philip who supported her. However, it is reported, that relations between Philip and Diana took a bad turn, especially during the eventual problems in Charles-Diana marriage.

Prince Philip was also renowned for his off-the-cuff comments and gaffes he made, including on sex and racism. Once, during a visit to China in 1986, Philip had a private conversation with British students and was heard complaining about the heavy and ugly environment in Beijing, and that they will end up with stretched eyes, similar to the Chinese.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip marriage lasted almost 74 years. Great celebrations were held on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, with Prince Philip referring, among others, to their children’s upbringing.

“Like all families we went through the full range of pleasures and tribulations of bringing up children. I am naturally somewhat biased, but I think our children have done rather well under very difficult and demanding circumstances.”

Prince Philip had retired from public life in May 2017 at the age of 95.