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Principal Permanent Secretary’s Office says Theuma held no employment with the Public Service

The Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary has stated that it does not result, from a check carried out, that Melvin Theuma was  employed with the Public Service.

In reference to reports about a letter allegedly written by Melvin Theuma, wherein it was stated that he had been provided with employment by Government, it was stated that the Principal Permanent Secretary ordered a check be carried out in records relating to Government employment, and it resulted that the name of Melvin Theuma is not included among those employed in the Public Service.

The Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary added that another verification of all the dates is being carried out today, whilst a request has been made for all Government entities to submit records of employment.

It was further stated that the results of this survey will be preserved, in order to be available for any current or future investigation.

The statement concludes that the Police authorities have been notified about this verification.