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Prison chapel transformed into dormitory for wardens

The Apostolic Administrator in Gozo, Bishop Mario Grech said that at Kordin prison, everything has been removed from the chapel but the Church is still fully decorated and will host the Eucharist even more than it has ever been before.

During the homily at the  In Coena Domini Mass on Thursday night at the Gozo Cathedral, he referred to an email which the Capuchin friar who is the chaplain at the prison sent him, telling him that 130 prison wardens went to sleep at the hospital because they are on lockdown.

He explained that the chapel has been transformed into a dormitory for around 20 officials and that the altar of sacrifice has become the beds for the staff who are being denied the chance of being with their families. They said that they found solace at the Church.

The prison chaplain also told him that some of the prisoners have felt the flame of their faith being reawakened in the light of the pandemic. Bishop Grech said that there is a link between the Eucharist and solidarity with those who are suffering, with the sick, with the weak and those whose human dignity has been wounded.

Bishop Grech said that our liturgy is the liturgy of the poor which expresses the ethics of giving, of sharing with others and of charity. He expressed his hope that those who have political or financial power are prudent with their aims.

Bishop Mario Grech said that because of the Covid-19, it appears that we will have to face an economic crisis and poverty will probably increase.

He called on the people of God, that those who have something put away and saved, not to hold back from “sharing their bread” with those who don’t have enough.

He said that on the day when we remember when Jesus set up the Eucharist, those of us who celebrate it must also remember that, before it is a social justice measure, it is something which is of a Christian nature and therefore a sacrament.

Bishop Grech has asked the Holy Spirit to help us so that “we do not cause those who are poor to feel embarrassed” .