Professional chef keen to start over after drug addiction

A 33-year-old professional chef, who is doing a drug rehabilitation program at Santa Marija – the Community belonging to the Agency Sedqa, used his culinary skills to come up with a special meal which was attended by President George Vella.

A chef who graduated from the Institute of Tourism Studies is undergoing his second drug rehabilitation program, with the difference that he is now doing the program of his own volition.

” I had a lot of issues to work on in order not to fall victim to the habit I had before.”

The man said that he feels that he has matured and has a greater sense of family life. He is convinced that after completing this program he will be able to achieve the success he always wanted.

“Now I have more self awareness and I can challenge myself, and I look forward to success that might lead me to be the person I want to be – a person who does not deal drugs.”

This resident within the Santa Marija community in Ħal Farruġ operated by Sedqa together with ten other residents of the community, prepared a special meal with which they welcomed the President of Malta George Vella, who was invited to the community on International Day against Drug Abuse.

Santa Maria community coordinator Miguel Buttigieg said the theme of the meal was based on experiences the residents go through in the program. “Through the menu, we wanted to show the experience they go through, and the stages they go through until integration into society.”

The program is divided into three phases, the first is therapeutic – i.e for the person to discover his identity and work on personal issues which he needs to find stability, while the last phase is re-integration into society, with residents re-entering the world of work. The Sedqa Agency program in the Santa Marija community began in 1994.

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