Professionals who offer support to state school students to see improvements in work conditions

An agreement signed between the Ministry f Education and the teachers’ union (MUT) will see a substantial improvement in the work conditions of 61 professionals who provide a service to state school students.

Education Minister Justyne Caruana said that the agreement will mea an increase of thousands of Euro per year for every professional who provides services such as counselling and other related services. They will also have the opportunity to advance in their grade.

The Permanent Secretary within the Ministry Dr Frank Fabri said that these professionals are essential to support those students who for some reason have fallen behind at school or in their life. Therefore the Government is not only recognising the importance of their services,  but will also give them the financial package they deserve.

The President of the MUT, Marco Bonnici said that this agreement covers what was signed n 2014, with the difference being that these professionals will be given appreciation and even the motivation to advance in their careers. He said the new package will attract more professionals to work in Government schools.