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Professionals and those in restoration work will now be acknowledged

Professionals in the sphere of heritage conservation and patrimony may now apply for a warrant to have their competence certified while those assisting may also obtain appropriate certification.

Works of art that are over 50 years old may only be restored by the professionals in the field that have the warrant certification.

On the insistence of qualified restorers, the Government announced that professionals will now be acknowledged on the strength of a permit issued by the Board of Restoration Warrants. The scope is to regulate work related to the sphere.

The Minister for National Heritage, Josè Herrera, said this will guarantee that such work is carried out with integrity and professionalism under legally required standards.

The President of the Organisation of Restorers and Conservationists, James Licari, said the warrant is the result of discussions over the last 18 months. He explained the warrant is important because it maintains legal responsibilities towards the country’s heritage not only from an art dimension but also as a science.

Licari further explained the warrant will be issued after a professional has worked in the sector for two years while pointing out this is the first time that professionalism in the sphere is being regulated.

Those University qualified may obtain the warrant but they have to apply and provide documentation of their experience in the work over past years. There will also have to be an interview with the Board.

Besides warrants there will also be a certificate for Heritage Skills for those that qualify in certain criteria.

Licari said those in the sphere are obliged to pursue ethical principles and guidelines as issued by the Superintendance for Cultural Heritage.