Professor suggests longer PE lessons to reduce obesity in children

A professor in pediatric care is urging the education authorities to not only increase the number of PE (physical education) lessons but also to make these longer and more intense in order to tackle the country’s problem with obesity in children.

Professor Alfred Gatt has concluded this study jointly between the University of Malta and that of Staffordshire.

The study was carried out among 120 boys and girls in the 9-10 age group, and it emerged that those who followed specialised training saw a drop in weight more than those who followed normal lessons.

The average in physical education in secondary schools is 31 hours, whereas this goes up to 108 hours in France.

It is reckoned that 40% of children in primary and 42.6% of those in secondary are overweight.

The country spends some 70 million euro every year to tackle obesity-related complications.